Compressor Fridge Custom

Portable fridge /comporessor fridge

used in car, home and outdoor.

25 to 45 liters can meet the needs of travel. It can be stored at will. It can keep fresh for a long time. It is a long way away and is not afraid of high temperature deterioration.

plexiglass panel , large capacity, led display, intelligent cooling system, easy control.

Car DC 12V/24V, Home AC100V/220V
fast frozen ,quite /38dB, overvoltage protection,food-grade material
high efficiency comparessor ,energy conservation, energy class rating,
environmental protection.

Application: fruit ,meat ,seafood, drinks ,medicine,skin care products .

Compressor Fridge Manufacturer

Cixi Yikang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. was established on June 19, 2014. We are China Compressor Fridge Manufacturer and Compressor Fridge factory integrating the research and development, production, sales and service of small household appliances such as foot massagers, footbaths, electronic heating and cooling boxes, refrigerators and so on. The company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification in one fell swoop, has a modern standard factory building of more than 5,000 square meters, more than 80 high-quality employees, and has domestic advanced assembly lines, equipped with high-tonnage injection molding machines and other production equipment, with strong technical force and science. In terms of raw materials, we first strictly supervise and review the raw material suppliers in accordance with the standards to ensure that the suppliers are qualified. The raw materials entering the factory are strictly inspected by the quality management department to ensure that all accessories are qualified when used. Custom made Compressor Fridge from design to manufacturing at Yikang Electrical.

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Compressor refrigerators are an vital equipment in many houses, ensuring the freshness and sturdiness of perishable objects. To maintain your compressor fridge in top situation, right upkeep is vital.
1. Cleaning and defrosting:
Regular cleansing is the premise for maintaining your compressor fridge healthy. Please unplug the power plug earlier than cleaning to ensure safety. Remove the whole lot from the refrigerator, which includes shelves and drawers. Clean those additives with a slight detergent and wipe down the indoors surfaces with a combination of water and baking soda.
Additionally, many compressor fridges include a integrated freezer compartment. Defrost your fridge frequently to prevent ice from forming, that may result in decreased efficiency. Follow the producer's recommendations for defrost frequency and manner.
2. Temperature tracking:
Maintaining the right temperature is critical to preserving the freshness of meals. Use a refrigerator thermometer to often test the inner temperature. The encouraged fridge temperature is 35°F to 38°F (1.7°C to a few.3°C).
If you observe extensive temperature fluctuations, it is able to indicate a trouble along with your thermostat or compressor. In this case, consult the user manual or are searching for expert help.
3. Door seal inspection:
A tight seal for your fridge door is crucial to power performance. Regularly take a look at the rubber gasket on the brink of the door. Clean them with a mild detergent to get rid of any dirt or particles that might harm the seal. If you notice any cracks or signs of damage, remember changing the seal to preserve surest overall performance.
4. Airflow and air flow:
Proper airflow is important to efficient compressor operation. Check the ventilation grilles at the back of or beneath the fridge to make certain they're freed from dirt and debris. Adequate ventilation prevents the compressor from overheating, thereby extending its carrier life.
Leave some area among the returned of the fridge and the wall to promote right airflow. Avoid overcrowding the fridge as it can block inner vents and disrupt the cooling system.
Five. Condenser coil cleansing:
The condenser coil is answerable for freeing warmth from the compressor. Over time, these coils can accumulate dirt, hindering their capability to deplete heat successfully. Clean the condenser coil with a vacuum or brush at least two times a 12 months. This simple mission can significantly improve the general overall performance of your compressor refrigerator.
6. Power supply and twine inspection:
Check the energy twine for any signs and symptoms of harm, together with fraying or uncovered wires. Make sure the strength wire is securely plugged right into a operating electrical outlet. If any problems are found, update the energy wire without delay to save you electric dangers.
7. Check regularly for strange noise:
Unusual noises, which includes clicking, buzzing, or rattling, may also imply an underlying hassle. While some sounds are normal, persistent or loud noises may indicate a trouble with the compressor, motor, or different inner additives. If you encounter this form of noise, it is encouraged to call a professional technician for a thorough inspection.
8. Check for leaks:
Check the area around the refrigerator for water or refrigerant leaks. Leaks can purpose performance problems or even damage your flooring. If any leaks are observed, become aware of and address the supply of the leak without delay. A refrigerant leak is a critical problem that calls for immediate interest from a licensed technician.
9. Professional maintenance:
While regular home maintenance is important, it is endorsed to agenda professional protection as a minimum as soon as a yr. A qualified technician can perform an intensive inspection, identify ability issues, and make any vital maintenance or changes. Professional preservation can considerably enlarge the lifestyles of your compressor fridge and ensure optimal energy performance.
In precis, proactive and ordinary renovation is key to keeping your compressor fridge in pinnacle condition. By following those pointers, you can not best increase the existence of your appliance, but you could also make sure it operates effectively, preserve your meals clean, and manage your power bills.