22L Medicine and Beauty Refrigerator Custom

22L semiconductor cold and warm box, mini refrigerator for student dormitory, single core or dual core, LCD digital refrigerator
Cooling power 82 W, heating power 72 W,
Cooling temperature: 20 to 28 degrees below ambient temperature, heating capacity up to 65 degrees
Size: 37x29.2x41.8cm,

This capacity design can meet the refrigeration needs of daily vegetables, cold drinks, cosmetics, etc. The happiness is to fill the refrigerator. You can put 30 cans of 330 ml cans or 15 bottles of 500 ml mineral water. Happiness is filling the refrigerator.

Cixi Yikang Electric Technology Co., Ltd. has been continuously researching the temperature control technology of semiconductors for many years, breaking through the temperature difference in cooling and heating, strengthening the freshness. The touch panel is a humanized digital panel design, and the temperature can be adjusted and controlled. The operation is very simple. There is no noise, and the sound is as low as 40dB, enjoying quiet time. Tempered glass panel, fashionable and generous, dustproof and easy to clean

CE certification, dual core refrigeration, compact and convenient, easy to carry. Car and home dual-use.

You can put fruits and vegetables, beverages, breast milk, Chinese medicine, hot drinks, etc.

22L Medicine and Beauty Refrigerator Manufacturer

Cixi Yikang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. was established on June 19, 2014. We are China 22L Medicine and Beauty Refrigerator Manufacturer and 22L Medicine and Beauty Refrigerator factory integrating the research and development, production, sales and service of small household appliances such as foot massagers, footbaths, electronic heating and cooling boxes, refrigerators and so on. The company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification in one fell swoop, has a modern standard factory building of more than 5,000 square meters, more than 80 high-quality employees, and has domestic advanced assembly lines, equipped with high-tonnage injection molding machines and other production equipment, with strong technical force and science. In terms of raw materials, we first strictly supervise and review the raw material suppliers in accordance with the standards to ensure that the suppliers are qualified. The raw materials entering the factory are strictly inspected by the quality management department to ensure that all accessories are qualified when used. Custom made 22L Medicine and Beauty Refrigerator from design to manufacturing at Yikang Electrical.

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As health and beauty awareness increases, people's storage requirements for medicines and beauty products are becoming more and more stringent. In this context, the 22-liter medicine and beauty refrigerator has become a new choice to meet this demand. This article will expand knowledge on this product from multiple aspects and gain an in-depth understanding of its characteristics and applications.
First of all, the 22-liter medicine and beauty refrigerator has significant improvements in refrigeration technology. In order to ensure the effectiveness and stability of medicines and beauty products, this refrigerator uses advanced refrigeration technology, such as constant temperature refrigeration and humidity control systems. This technology can ensure constant temperature and humidity inside the refrigerator, effectively preventing medicines and beauty products from becoming ineffective due to environmental changes.
Secondly, medicine and beauty refrigerators pay more attention to details in design. The interior of the refrigerator is usually designed with multiple layers of shelves and storage compartments, which can effectively classify and place different types of medicines and beauty products, making it easier for users to find what they need. In addition, some products are also designed with LED lighting systems to make the items in the refrigerator clearly visible and convenient for users to find at any time.
The 22-liter refrigerator has a medium capacity and can meet the needs of daily medicines and beauty products without taking up too much space. The design of this size allows the medicine and beauty refrigerator to be easily placed in various places such as bathrooms, bedrooms or offices, providing users with more flexible usage options.
In terms of materials, this type of refrigerator usually uses antibacterial materials to effectively prevent the growth of bacteria and maintain a hygienic environment inside the refrigerator. This is particularly important when storing pharmaceutical products, as they need to remain effective in a sterile environment.
In addition, some 22-liter medicine and beauty refrigerators are equipped with temperature alarm systems. When the internal temperature of the refrigerator exceeds the set range, the system will sound an alarm to remind the user to ensure the safety of medicines and beauty products.
In summary, the 22-liter medicine and beauty refrigerator provides users with a safe, convenient and effective storage of medicine and beauty products through advanced refrigeration technology, meticulous design, moderate capacity, antibacterial materials and intelligent alarm systems. solution. In the future, with the continuous development of science and technology, I believe that such products will continue to innovate to meet people's continuous pursuit of health and beauty.