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Yikang foot bath electric massage heating constant temperature foot bath full automatic foot washing basin household leg high deep barrel
Material composition: our foot bath is made of new PP, antibacterial material, and PTC heating, frequency conversion, environmental protection and energy conservation

Function introduction: intelligent one button start, PTC heating, computer digital large color screen display, wireless remote control, temperature display, temperature setting, time setting, automatic heating and constant temperature, infrared physiotherapy, acupuncture, removable dust cover, portable handle, built-in medicine box, universal caster, drainage function, heat preservation and energy conservation

Product features: isolated water circulation, insulated heating, more safe separation of water and electricity.

Foot Spa Bath Massager Supplier

Cixi Yikang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. was established on June 19, 2014. We are China electric Foot Massager manufacturer and Foot Spa Bath Massager Supplier integrating the research and development, production, sales and service of small household appliances such as foot massagers, footbaths, electronic heating and cooling boxes, refrigerators and so on. The company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification in one fell swoop, has a modern standard factory building of more than 5,000 square meters, more than 80 high-quality employees, and has domestic advanced assembly lines, equipped with high-tonnage injection molding machines and other production equipment, with strong technical force and science. In terms of raw materials, we first strictly supervise and review the raw material suppliers in accordance with the standards to ensure that the suppliers are qualified. The raw materials entering the factory are strictly inspected by the quality management department to ensure that all accessories are qualified when used. Custom made Foot Spa Bath Massager from design to manufacturing at Yikang Electrical.

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In modern fast-paced life, people pay more and more attention to health and relaxation. Foot bath massagers are becoming more and more popular among more and more families because of their convenience, practicality and ability to provide a comfortable massage experience. However, while enjoying foot massage, we must also seriously consider the safety of the foot massager and whether it has key functions such as overheating protection.
1. Electrical safety certification
When choosing a foot bath massager, you must first ensure that the product has passed the relevant electrical safety certification. This includes international or regional certification standards, such as CE marking, UL certification, etc. These certification marks represent that the product meets a series of strict safety requirements, ensuring that users will not face electrical safety hazards when using them.
2. Material safety
The material of the shell and internal parts of the foot massager should be environmentally friendly, non-toxic and high temperature resistant to prevent the release of harmful substances during use. The parts where the user comes into contact with the product, such as the massage nodes and bottom, should be made of safe and comfortable materials to ensure the user's health and comfort.
3. Waterproof design
Since foot massagers usually involve the use of water, waterproof design is particularly important. The equipment should adopt waterproof technology to ensure that the electrical components will not get damp or leakage during normal use, thereby protecting users from the risk of electric shock during the foot bath.
4. Power supply safety
Power supply is the key to the normal operation of the foot massager. Products should be equipped with power safety functions such as over-current protection and short-circuit protection to avoid safety hazards caused by circuit faults. In addition, the power cord material is also required to have high temperature resistance, wear resistance and other properties to ensure long-term reliable use of the product.
Overheating protection function
Working temperature control
In order to prevent the temperature from rising due to long-term operation of the equipment, foot massagers are usually equipped with an operating temperature control system. This system monitors the temperature of the device and automatically stops heating when it exceeds a safe range, preventing damage and safety issues caused by overheating.
Temperature Sensor
Foot bath massagers are usually equipped with temperature sensors inside to monitor the water temperature in real time. When the water temperature reaches the preset safety threshold, the massager will automatically cut off the heating function to ensure that the water temperature fluctuates within a safe range and avoid safety issues such as burns caused by overheating.
Automatic power off protection
To further ensure safety, some advanced foot massagers are also equipped with automatic power-off protection function. Once the equipment detects an abnormality, such as overheating or circuit failure, it will quickly cut off the power supply to prevent the accident from further expansion.
Although the foot bath massager is designed with a safety protection mechanism, in order to avoid overheating of the device due to long-term use, it is recommended not to use it for too long each time and follow the maximum usage time specified by the product. Regularly check whether the power cord is damaged and whether there is any odor or unusual sound from the device. If any abnormality is found, stop using it immediately and send it to a professional maintenance agency for repair. When in use, place the foot massager on a stable surface to ensure that the device does not tilt due to instability and avoid safety hazards caused by water fluctuations.
Overall, the home foot massager provides users with a convenient, safe and comfortable foot massage experience through a variety of safety designs and overheating protection functions while ensuring the health and safety of the user.