Multifunctional household foot bath Custom

Constant temperature heating Massage foot bath Electric foot massage machine
Net Weight:5.8KG-6KG
Material :PP
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Intelligent one-click Start, automatic heating constant temperature
35-50 degree temperature control, 3D electric turntable Roller massage
360 degree fountain massage, double water column surfing massage

with dustproof and detachable thermal cover, universal casters
Mode/program: Breathing Light, surfing, electric massage, timing, heating and reducing temperature, 4 modes to choose

Massage method: 6 Tai Chi Roller massage
Panel adjustment function: Panel touch screen adjustment + Bluetooth Mini Program remote control

12 roller self-service massage
Roller massage medicine box
Knob operation is simple and convenient

Every foot bath massager will operate an inspection with water before leaving the factory, so the foot bath massager has water signs inside, which is a normal phenomenon. The foot spa with heat and massage and jets is a great gift for your family and friends, providing them relaxation

Multifunctional household foot bath Manufacturer

Cixi Yikang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. was established on June 19, 2014. We are China Multifunctional household foot bath Manufacturer and Multifunctional household foot bath factory integrating the research and development, production, sales and service of small household appliances such as foot massagers, footbaths, electronic heating and cooling boxes, refrigerators and so on. The company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification in one fell swoop, has a modern standard factory building of more than 5,000 square meters, more than 80 high-quality employees, and has domestic advanced assembly lines, equipped with high-tonnage injection molding machines and other production equipment, with strong technical force and science. In terms of raw materials, we first strictly supervise and review the raw material suppliers in accordance with the standards to ensure that the suppliers are qualified. The raw materials entering the factory are strictly inspected by the quality management department to ensure that all accessories are qualified when used. Custom made Multifunctional household foot bath from design to manufacturing at Yikang Electrical.

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In today's society, as the pace of life continues to accelerate, the demand for health care is gradually increasing. As a popular health care method, foot bath has gradually become the focus of people's attention. The advent of multi-functional home foot baths provides people with a more comprehensive and comfortable care experience. Next, we will delve into the characteristics, advantages and wide application of multi-functional home foot baths in the field of health care.
The multifunctional home footbath has extremely rich features, making it a popular health appliance in modern families. This includes a powerful massage function that can effectively stimulate acupoints on the soles of your feet, promote blood circulation, and relieve fatigue and tension. The heating system ensures that the water temperature is always maintained at a comfortable level, especially suitable for cold weather or long-term foot soaks. The infrared irradiation function helps promote blood circulation in the feet and relieve joint pain. At the same time, the bubble massage and magnetic therapy functions also provide users with a more comprehensive foot care experience.
Multifunctional household foot baths have significant advantages over traditional foot baths, allowing users to enjoy more comprehensive health care while bathing their feet. Its comprehensive care functions include massage, heating, infrared irradiation, etc. to meet the multi-level needs of users. The operation is simple. Users can easily adjust the water temperature, water flow intensity and other functions through the control panel. No professional skills are required, and it is suitable for daily use at home. Despite being rich in features, multifunctional home footbaths are compact and stylish, not only do they take up little space, they are also relatively affordable. In addition, its customized care function can meet the health needs of different groups of people.
Multifunctional household footbaths are not only widely used in family life, but also show great potential in some professional fields. In the home, it has become an ideal choice to relieve fatigue and promote the health of family members, especially for people who stand or work for a long time. At the same time, it also plays an effective role in rehabilitation in rehabilitation centers and nursing homes, helping patients restore their exercise abilities and improving the quality of life of the elderly. Some high-end hotels and fitness centers have also introduced multi-functional foot baths to provide customers with comprehensive foot care services to enhance the consumer experience.
Overall, the multi-functional home footbath has become a popular health tool in modern life with its comprehensive health care functions. Its characteristics and advantages make it play an important role in many fields such as homes, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, and commercial places. In the future, with the continuous development of science and technology, I believe that multi-functional home footbaths will be further innovated and bring more health care possibilities to people.